applying for med school

by mary
(los angeles, california )

i am licensed nurse and planning to pursue my med school , but i don’t know if most of my subject will be considered for the requirement to get in , do i need to take pre requisite again , though i have took biostatistic , pharmacology , anatomy , physiology ,and so forth, please guide me by the way i just purchased your book today. thank you


Follow-up questions
by: Anonymous

Hi! I’m a US citizen who currently works as a nurse here in the US. I wanted to pursue further education in medicine, however, I’m quite concerned about my chances of being accepted in various universities here, since I got my BSN degree outside the country, specifically in the Philippines. My main concern, however, is that I noticed some universities requiring the international students to have at least a year of education here in US. So does it mean that I have to take the pre-requisites that I have not yet taken for a year even though, for instance, I can already take and finish all of it in a shorter span of time? if yes, what other helpful subjects can I get in order fo fill-in the time required? Or perhaps it is more advisable to just scatter all these subjects within a year?

Another question of mine is about the choice of school for my pre-requisite subjects. Does it have an impact to my chances of being accepted?

Last but not the least, how should I start applying? I mean I’m really confused in a way that I don’t know how to start the application process. Should I finish all my requirements first before contacting the university or I can already get in touch with them while completing the requirements?

Sorry for bombarding you with several questions. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed with all the the things that I needed to do, and my anxiety is already at its peak considering the deadline and stuff.

Thank you so much for your understanding!


Hi Mary,

So sorry for the delay in response! Just started residency and it’s been crazy!

In short, as long as your prereqs were done at a university, you won’t need to repeat them. Many of the prereqs for nursing and medicine are the same, and for good reason. Just double check in the MSAR and with the schools to make sure you have met all the requirements.

You can visit my page about the requirements for a basic overview of what you’ll need.

Good luck!