bachelor surgical

by eiman

My name is eiman. I got my degree from the University of Iran. I wanted to know what is the university entrance requirements for the degree of bachelor surgical . . And annual fees for this course
thanks a lot!


Hi Eiman,

Congratulations on your degree! In the United States, there is no degree called Bachelor Surgical. To become a surgeon, you must first attend a medical school in the United States.

There are several schools that accept international students. These can be found by subscribing to the MSAR and searching for schools that accept international graduates. You can find the link here.

The fees will depend on the school. For most of the schools, you’ll pay between 40 and 50,000 dollars per year for tuition. Also, as an international student, you’ll need to fund this on your own since you won’t qualify for United States Federal loans.

Once you begin medical school, you will focus your studies on surgery. Check out my pages about “Get accepted” to find requirements for admissions and an overview on the medical school admissions process.

Good luck!