Community College Classes

Question: I know there is a similar question about this already, but I was wondering, what would med schools tolerate in relation to taking required courses in a community college?
I mean, because I really cant afford university, and I was hoping to take as many classes as possible at my community college prior to transferring to a four-year university.
How bad would that hurt me? I’ve read your book and I am working towards being strong in all other areas, but I dont want that to look bad in my application.

Answer: Thank you for your comments about the book! As far as community college courses go, the problem arises if you are taking “harder” courses at the community college. These are mainly your science courses. If you do a lot of those at community college, it can look like you are trying to avoid these more difficulty courses at your university. Other, more general requirements taken at a community college (humanities, etc.) won’t look badly.

So, if you can, I would take the science courses at the university and the other general requirements at the community college.