Question: I’m not too clear on the process of medical school. Do you go to college and study something like biology, then go to medical school? How does the process start? How can I prepare for medical school now?

Answer: Good question. You do not start medical school right after high school. There are some programs where you can get guaranteed acceptance to medical school right out of college.
The University of Alabama has this type of program. You can visit my page about the school under “List of Schools.” You have to meet certain qualifications (like 30 on ACT and 3.5 GPA) to qualify for these programs and then maintain a good GPA through college. But, in the end, you get guaranteed acceptance to medical school. So, when you’re applying to colleges, if you’re interested in medicine, look around for schools that offer this type of program.

In most situations, you’ll go to college and major in whatever catches your interest. If you’re interested in medicine, usually you’ll choose a science major. It’s also easier to meet the medical school requirements that way. You’ll then apply for medical school in your junior year of college, going through the application process in your senior year of college. You will start medical school after you graduate from college.

It’s good that you’re asking now how to prepare for medical school. The earlier you start, the better an applicant you will be. Medical schools look at 8 main categories to accept a student. Academic performance (MCAT and GPA), community service, research, extracurriculars/hobbies, leadership, humanism/compassion, clinical experience and letters of recommendation. The earlier you start developing yourself in these areas, the more competitive you will be as an applicant. Check out my eBook to learn how to make yourself really stand out in these categories!

Good luck!