Question: I am planning on taking a year off between college and medical school. Will this affect how my application is viewed?

Answer: Applying after you graduate is a pretty common thing applicants do. To clarify, you’d be applying in June after you graduate (early!) and going through the application process during your “year off.” Look for interviews probably between September and February. So, if you’re going to be applying during your “year off,” you’ll need to have the ability to travel to interviews.

Taking a year off can be nice to relax, but can also help your application, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re doing medical research or volunteer work, that will actually make your application stronger.

To further explain what it takes to get into medical school, medical schools look at 8 main categories to accept a student. Academic performance (MCAT and GPA), community service, research, extracurriculars, leadership, humanism/compassion, clinical experience and letters of recommendation. If you’re strong in these, you’ll be a great applicant. Check out my eBook to find out how.

To summarize, taking a year off doesn’t really affect how your application is viewed. It’s pretty common and might help you be a stronger applicant.

Good luck!