Non-trad medical school applicant

by Jerry

I am a non-CA resident and graduated from college in 1997, completed all of the necessary pre-med pre-reqs, but decided at the time to go for my graduate degree in physical therapy. Fast forward 16 years, and I am back in the game to consider applying to medical school.

Given the elapsed time since college, would I have to take my pre-reqs over again in order to apply? If I were to score exceptionally well on my MCATs, I’m wondering if that would help me to potentially skip that step.

Does UCLA have any proclivity for non-traditional applicants?
I am aware of other programs that seem to be.


Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your question and congratulations on pursuing medical school again!

As far as whether 16 years is too long, I don’t think there’s an issue there as long as you have your transcripts. Double check with the admissions office (310-825-6081), but I think the only time requirement is the MCAT, which has to be within 3 years.

As far as what schools look at for academic performance, it will be based on MCAT and GPA. So, the better your MCAT, the more it will help your application, especially considering how long it’s been since your classes.

As to whether UCLA particularly likes non-traditional applicants, I wouldn’t say that there’s a special preference, but if your MCAT and GPA are good, and given that you’ve had a career in a related field, I think your chances are as good as any other applicant.

Good luck!