St. George Medical School – Insider Review

St George Medical School – Insider Review

Founded as an independent medical school in 1977, St George Medical School has graduated nearly 11,000 physicians

  • Basic Information

    • Name: St. George’s University School of Medicine
    • Location: Grenada, West Indies
    • Public or Private: Private
    • School Website:Click here


St george medical school in the Caribbean. What you might see at this Caribbean medical school.

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  • Admissions

    • Several programs available. There are different programs available, including traditional MD, premedical education if an applicant does not yet qualify for medical training, dual degree programs and master of public health programs. This is not particularly common for Caribbean medical schools.
    • Rolling admissions. Students can begin school in August or January. Applications are due by June 15 for August admission, November 15 for January admission. This is helpful as you apply to this medical school in the Caribbean since you can make your decision to apply when it makes sense to you.
    • Requirements for North American Applicants: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, one year general biology or zoology with lab, one year inorganic chemistry with lab, one year organic chemistry with lab, one semester physics with lab, one semester math (calculus, computer science or statistics), and one semester of English. MCAT test required. For those not from North America, see sitehere.These requirements are about the average for most medical schools, including medical schools in the Caribbean. For more about medical school requirements, click here.
    • MCAT and GPA: Not as competitive as US schools. Students with an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.7, a 3.5 science GPA and a 29 MCAT score automatically receive “The Chancellor’s Circle Scholarship.” This is a 1/3 tuition scholarship. This makes this Caribbean medical school a good choice if you have a good GPA and MCAT.You could graduate with very little debt.
    • Selection factors: The school looks at academic ability, emotional and professional maturity, academic achievement, community service, responsibility, motivation, MCAT scores, health profesions experience, and letters of recommendation. The letters should demonstrate your personal qualities, character, motivation and academic abilities. For more information, click here. Again, these are relatively common for medical school, including Caribbean medical schools. For more information about medical school admissions, click here.
    • Interviews: It is suggested that interviewers come to Grenada, but interviews are available in
      the United States, UK, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, the Caribbean and other locations. For more about the medical school interview, click here.
  • Financial

    • Tuition: $21, 552-23,803. This is a pretty good deal for medical school, though on the
      higher end for a medical school in the Caribbean. For tuition and fees, click here
    • Loans: Federal loans are available for US medical students. Private loans are available for other students. Canadian students can apply for Canadian government funding. For more info click here.
    • Scholarships: St George Medical School offers multiple scholarships, which is a good thing for you! There are achievement-based and need-based scholarships available. This makes St Georges medical school a great choice for a Caribbean medical school. For complete information, click here.


  • Insider Information

    • US Rotations: Like most caribbean medical schools, your clinical rotations in your third and fourth year will be done in a variety of locations throughout the United States. Through St George Medical School, you also have the option to rotate in the United Kingdom and one option in Canada. For a list of affiliated hospitals, click here.
    • Beautiful Campus. The campus is in a stunning location and the buildings are gorgeous. For pictures, click here.
    • Leader in USMLE scores. This is very important, as your score on the USMLE will have a large bearing on which residency you match into. The first-time pass rate between 1993 and 2007 on USMLE Step 1 was 84.4%. Other Caribbean medical schools have pass rates as low as 23%. 79.1% passed Step 2 CK on the first try and 94% passed Step 2 CS.
    • Most graduates match in primary care medicine. These include fields like family medicine, internal medicine, and pediatrics. This is again similar to most Caribbean medical schools. Notably, a few graduates did match into more competitive residencies in 2011, including radiation oncology, ophthalmology, vascular surgery
      and diagnostic radiology. You can view their residency match list for the past several years here. For more about specialties and their relative competitiveness, click


  • Mike’s Take

    • St George Medical School seems to me to be one of the best Caribbean medical schools. They match their students into competitive residencies and have a higher first time USMLE pass rate than most other medical schools in the Caribbean. They also appear to have more access to financial aid than other Caribbean medical schools.

St georges medical school. What you might see at the beach of this Caribbean medical school.

Photo courtesty of TKrueger

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