So a California resident would have to pay $30,000+ for tuition excluding financial aid?


That’s correct. A California resident would pay $30,083 for “registration fees.” The price has gone up over the past few years. When I started it was about $22,000. A non-resident would pay an additional $12,245. This does not include room and board, books, or other expenses. The school includes a budget of $1,127 per month for rent and utilities, which is about right for the area.


In either case would financial aid be of much help? How much money would one owe by the time one graduated as “doctors”?


Financial aid is available and definitely can make a difference. Please refer to my pages about loans and scholarships, available on the navigation bar.

I’ll give you some of my information, which is probably close to what most of my classmates have.

I received some aid for financial need since I’m married with kids and don’t get help from my parents. That said, my expenses are quite a bit higher (I need more than a one bedroom apartment) than my single classmates.

At the end of medical school, I’ll have right around $200,000 in debt. I think that’s close to average for most of my classmates. Check out the scholarships page for opportunities to have school paid for by the military and other loan payback programs.

For me it helps to think of it as an investment. I’m paying about $200,000 over the course of 4 years to have 30+ years of $200,000+ annual income.

Good luck!