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Drexel Medical School in PA Review

Drexel Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the America, and one of the medical schools in PA, ranking number 91 in the 2011 US World and News Report medical
school rankings.

Drexel University medical school

If you are interested in getting accepted to Drexel Medical School, one of the top medical schools in the US, there are a lot of things that will

need to be in your application to make you a competitive applicant. Check out my page on admissions to understand what Drexel University College of Medicine is looking for.

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Now, back to information about this top medical school in the US, one of the great medical schools in PA!

  • Basic Information

    • Name: Drexel University College of Medicine
    • Location: Philadelphia, PA ( one of the medical schools in PA)
    • Public or Private: Private
    • Accepts International Students: No
    • School Website: Click here


  • Admissions

    • Competitive. As with any of the best medical schools in America, Drexel medical school admissions are very competitive. You will need to stand out from the competition to be accepted to this Top 100 Medical School . There were 12,584 applications for the 260 available seats. That is A LOT of applicants. 96 were in state, 164 out of state for this medical school in PA.
    • Average MCAT: 31
    • Average GPA: 3.68

  • Selection Factors. The selection factors for Drexel University College of Medicine are very similar to those of other good medical schools and top medical schools in the US. They look for academic achievement, personal characteristics, service, and extracurricular activities. Click here for a detailed explanation of criteria schools are looking for. Click on these links to find out how to make these stand out on your interviews and personal statement.
  • Commitment to Diversity. More than other schools, Drexel medical school focuses on diversity in their class. This means that you should talk about any disadvantages you might have suffered, any unique situation or place you may have grown up in, different sexual orientation, etc. on your application specifically to this school.
  • Multiple programs available. As other good medical schools do, Drexel Medical School offers various combined degree programs for those interested. These include MD/MPH, MD/MBA, and MD/PhD
  • For full information from the admissions website, click here
    • Financial


  • Tuition: $46,810
  • Loans: Federal loans are available as with other best medical schools in America and medical schools in PA.
  • Scholarships: As with other good medical schools, Drexel medical school offers a few scholarships, mainly need-based. However, they do offer a work-study program which is unique compared to
    others of the best medical schools in America. Click here to learn more about scholarships.
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living is middle of the road. You can rent a one bedroom apartment close to campus for around $700 at this medical school in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Insider Information

  • Fast Track Programs Available. Drexel Medical School has a great opportunity for you to get your bachelor’s degree and MD in just 7 years total! You will have 3 undergraduate years and 4 medical school
    years. I’m all about shaving years off of the long, long process of becoming a doctor. In order to qualify for this special medical school program in PA, you must meet certain requirements, which are a little stringent.
  • You must maintain a 3.5 overall and science GPA.
  • You can receive no grade less than a C
  • You must score a 9 or higher on MCAT verbal reasoning and 10 or higher on physical and biological sciences or a total minimum of 31 (with no score less than
  • For the Fast Track program, you also must score 1360 or above on the SAT and rank in the top 10 percent of your high school class. You will be selected in your senior year of high school. The following colleges in PA participate in this fast track program for Drexel medical school: Drexel University, Lehigh University, Rosemont College, Villanova University.
  • Biomedical Engineering BS/MD degree available. For those of you interested in biomedical engineering, you may enter this program with the same requirements as the Fast Track program for this medical school in PA. As long as you meet the requirements, you will enter the college of medicine following your undergraduate degree (read: special track to acceptance!).
  • Scholars Program. Drexel medical school also gives those students who are interested in general medicine in underserved areas a special track to acceptance. The requirements are slightly less intense. You will need a 1270 on the SAT and will visit hospitals in PA that are associated with the Drexel medical school in PA during your undergraduate years. You can apply to this program through Kean Univeristy, Muhlenberg College, Robert Morris Univeristy, Monmouth University and Franklin and Marshall College.
  • Other Early Assurance Programs Available.
    You can learn more about these programs here.
  • Home of the Phili Cheese Steak and The City of Brotherly Love! This is a great city with great history and you will enjoy your life at Drexel Medical School in PA.
  • Cool Mascot. The Drexel Dragons. I can’t think of any mascot that would beat a dragon in a
  • Summary

    Drexel Medical School offers great programs and earns its title as one of the best medical schools in America. For me what sets the school apart is the many opportunities to get into the program through “back doors.” There are many ways to make your acceptance to Drexel medical school secure, which is unique among other top medical schools. If you’re looking for a great medical school in PA, this could be the place for you. For more on choosing your best medical school, click

    Get Accepted to Drexel Medical School

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