List of Medical Schools

List of Medical Schools

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This page consists of a list of medical schools with links to certain groups of schools. I will continue to compile pages about schools as time goes on.

Remember, there is a lot that goes into choosing a school. As you apply, you will want to

choose a school that will fit your needs. Are you interested in a clinical career or in research? Is money an issue? What state are you from? All of these questions will become important as you choose which schools to apply to. To understand more about how to choose the best school for you, click

Now for your list of
medical schools!

Top US Medical Schools-

These are the top tier schools that are highly respected, highly ranked and receive large amounts of research funding from the NIH.

  • The Top 100 Medical Schools Here you’ll find a list of the top 100 medical schools based on the US News and World Report Research rankings. This also includes average MCAT, GPA and tuition information as well as whether the schools accept international applicants.

For better or worse, it takes top MCAT scores to get into medical school.

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Medical Schools in the USA

Here you’ll find a list of medical schools in the USA, arranged in alphabetical order. There are some pages that have information about all of the schools in a given state. For each page about an individual school, you’ll find average MCAT and GPA information, as well as the school’s ranking if it’s in the top 100 for research. You’ll also get insider information about each school, including information about special programs, early acceptance programs, curriculum or other information. By the end of studying one of these pages, you should have a good idea of what the school is about and how to tailor your application to get accepted to that school.

List of Special Medical Schools

These are schools that operate a little differently from other medical schools.

  • Military School – Information about military medical school and how to decide if it’s the right place for you. Also information about military scholarship programs. Remember, you get paid to go to medical school through this route!
  • Online Schools– Don’t really exist, but a few come close

Caribbean Schools

    • These schools are a great option for those applicants who have lower GPA or MCAT scores, are international students, or who simply want to enjoy four years in a beautiful place! Click on the link for more info and pros and cons about these schools. Also a link to a list of medical schools in the Caribbean.

When applying to these schools, you want to be the best applicant possible. This site’s pages on MCAT, admissions, application, interviews and personal statement will help you stand out from other applicants and help you get accepted to the school of your choice.

The best resource to really understand how to get accepted to your top medical school is

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