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Loyola Medical School Review

Loyola Medical School is one of the best medical schools in the America, ranking number 71 in the 2011 US World and News Report medical school rankings.

Loyola Medical School

If you are interested in getting accepted to Loyola Medical School, one of the top medical schools in the US, there are a lot of things that will

need to be in your application to make you a competitive applicant. Check out my page on admissions to understand what Loyola is looking for.

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Now, back to information about this top medical school in Chicago!

  • Basic Information

    • Name: Stritch School of Medicine (Loyola University of Chicago Medical School)
    • Location: Chicago, IL
    • Public or Private: Private
    • Accepts International Students: No
    • School Website: Click here


  • Admissions

    • Competitive. As with any of the best medical schools in America, this medical school in Chicago
      is very competitive. You will need to stand out in every way to be accepted to this Top 100 Medical School. There were 10,085 applications for the 150 available seats.


  • Average MCAT: 32
  • Average GPA: 3.74
  • Selection Factors. The selection factors for Loyola medical school are very similar to those of
    other Illinois medical schools and Chicago medical schools. They look for applicants committed to service, excellence and patient care, among other things. Click here for a detailed explanation of criteria schools are looking for. Click on these links to find out how to make these stand out on your interviews and personal statement.
  • Jesuit school. Loyola medical school has a Jesuit heritage. As such, they state that they like applicants who show that they are able to work with less priviledged people and are able to learn from them. Essentially, this means they are looking for someone who is humble. Make that stand out on your personal statement to this Chicago medical school.


  • For full information from the admissions website, click here
  • Financial

  • Tuition: $47,977
  • Loans: Federal loans are available as with other US medical schools.
  • Scholarships: Loyola medical school offers a few scholarships for students, similar to other medical schools in Chicago and across the country. Click here to learn more about scholarships. 
  • Cost of Living: The cost of living is relatively expensive. You can expect to pay about $1000 for a 1 bedroom apartment near campus.
  • Insider Information

  • Paid Summer Program Available. At Loyola medical school, certain applicants have the chance to attend a summer program dedicated to teaching applicants about disparities in medicine. It is geared towards students who will “help contribute to the school’s diversity” and who are committed to serving the underserved. This is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and get to know some of the people at this medical school in Chicago. If you are serious about Loyola, you should try to get into this program. Make your commitment to the underserved stand out on your personal statement. You’ll have the chance to meet faculty, go through mock interviews, and meet other Loyola medical students. This will give you a huge advantage as you apply to Loyola medical school. You can learn more about this program here.
  • Curriculum Similar to UCLA. At Loyola Medical School, you will spend the first two years mainly in the classroom, similar to what you did as an undergraduate. You will also have an integrated course called “patient centered medicine.” In this class, you will learn skills that you will need for your clinical rotations third and fourth year. This includes interviewing patients, practicing listening to patients, as well as ethics, biostatistics and other issues that are relevant to practicing medicine in the real world. This course will be useful to you as you go into practicing medicine. For more about the general medical school curriculum, click here.
  • Research is Important. As with any medical school, Loyola medical school receives large amounts of grant money from the government to do research. Research is always a good thing to have on your application to help you get admitted.
  • Match Data Readily Available. As I discuss in other places, the main purpose of a medical school is to place you in ther residency of your choice. At Loyola medical school, 1/3 or students matched into primary care specialties. 8% went into anesthesiology, 6% into orthopaedics, <1% in dermatology, 1% in ENT, 4% in radiology, 0% in radiation oncology, 2% in neurosurgery. This is good because there is a broad range of specialties, so if you don’t know exactly what you want to do yet (and most premed students don’t), Loyola medical school will provide you a variety of choices. However, they do match more into primary care than many schools. So, it may be an especially good choice if you are interested in primary care.
  • Multiple Degrees Available. Like other medical schools in Chicago, Loyola medical school offers an MD/MBA and MD/PhD program.
  • Great Location. As with other medical schools in Chicago, you’ll be in a city with great history, a fun night life and a town with many other students. Be ready for cold, cold winters though!


Loyola Medical School is a Jesuit school committed to producing doctors who want to serve others. Many of their graduates go on to do primary care work. You will want to really emphasize service, especially to those who are disadvantaged, on your medical school personal statement and in your interviews.
If you are looking for a great education and particularly if you are interested in primary care focused on the underserved, Loyola medical school would be a great fit for you. For more on choosing your best medical school, click

Get Accepted to Loyola Medical School

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